History of the Company

The company Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide was founded in 1994 on the basis of two private enterprises – a manufacturing one in the Republic of Belarus, which was producing spotting scopes since 1991, and a trading optical one located in Texas, USA. The product line of the company included day optical devices (spotting scopes and binoculars).
In 1999, as the range of day optics grew, the company started to manufacture first night vision devices. Just two years later, in 2001, the first night vision riflescope – the NVRS – was launched.
In 2003 the development of digital devices – Ranger 5x42 and Ranger Pro 5x42 was initiated.
In 2005 company’s share on the international market of Gen. 1 NV devices reached 70%.
In 2006-2008 featured a significant expansion of the product range of optical devices, including digital, and building of a wide line of night vision devices and riflescopes that formed the basis of a new trademark – Pulsar  
In the following years the company introduced a number of new directions, among them digital night vision riflescopes (2009), laser rangefinders, daylight optical sights (2010), thermal imagers (2011), night lens clip-on attachments (2012), night vision riflescopes with built-in rangefinders (2013), thermal imaging riflescopes (2014) and clip-on attachments (2015).

At the moment the company Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of observation optical devices for civilian use. The company consists of the following branches:

  • UAB "Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide" (Lithuania)
  • FE "Beltex Optic" (Belarus)
  • "Mezon –A" Ltd. (Russia)
  • Polaris Vision Systems EU Ltd (Great Britain)
  • Polaris Vision Ukraine LLC (Ukraine)
  • Yukon Optics & Electronics Co.,Ltd (People Republic of China)
  • OPYU Enterprise (People Republic of China)

  • Number of employees in 2016 is more than 800. The company is presented in more than 70 countries through its distributors.

    New products

    night vision riflescopes

    HD-sensor 1280x720
    Variable magnification from 4.5х to 16x
    500 m nighttime viewing range

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