Forward DFA75

Forward DFA75: first front attachment using digital technology

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Forward DFA75: first front attachment using digital technology  

 Vilnius, Lithuania – March 11, 2013

Nowadays the market offers a wide selection of Gen.2+ tube-based attachments featuring good performance but costing as much as a night vision riflescope or even more. Having taken into account this fact, Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, a well-known producer of quality digital NV devices, tried its hand at developing a product that combined versatile functionality, affordable price and benefits of advanced technologies. The result is plain to see. 

The Forward DFA75 is a digital front attachment for daylight optical sights. The attachment is designed to work with a vast majority of daylight sights with 42, 50 or 56 mm lens diameter. Sights with other lens size can accommodate the attachment with the help of optional reducing rings. Bayonet connection provides for quick mounting and removal of the Forward DFA75. Zeroing is not necessary but you can use correction of aiming point if required.

Great image quality is one of the first important things to mention. The quality 640x480 pixel OLED display guarantees crystal-clear image quality and easy identification of tiny details. The image allows for additional contrast and brightness settings that you may find useful when hunting in poor environmental conditions. To achieve better performance in low light, one can activate the SumLight™ function that drastically increases sensitivity thus allowing secure target detection at longer range. With extremely sensitive CCD sensor at its core, the Forward DFA75 is designed for both day and night operations so no more worries associated with the conventional NV apply in daylight. 

What’s more, the Forward DFA75 is supplied with an IR Illuminator, attachable to the unit’s housing and ready to use within seconds. The Class 1 eye-safe laser IR will help you out when long range observation in total darkness is required. The laser IR Illuminator is perfect for covert observation. 

The Forward DFA75 is not just an NV attachment. If you need to, it is convertible into a 10x power hand-held digital NV monocular. To do this, simply add an accessory monocular. With this option, you may never worry about a regular NV monocular occasionally left at home.

Other features like wireless remote control, video output with selectable signal standard, low operating temperatures and external power supply option make the Forward DFA75 digital front attachment a valuable piece of equipment that will impress even the most ambitious hunters.     



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