Recon line is now upgraded with a built-in laser IR Illuminator to guarantee better performance

Recon line is now upgraded with a built-in laser IR Illuminator to guarantee better performance

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Recon line is now upgraded with a built-in laser IR Illuminator to guarantee better performance.

 Vilnius, Lithuania – March 11, 2013

Unsurpassed in quality and selection of the digital Night Vision systems, the Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide will release its new Recon 750 and Recon 750R digital night vision devices thus continuing and expanding the well-selling Recon series.   

Major feature introduced in Recon 750/750R to focus on is the built-in Laser IR Illuminator. The Illuminator uses a Class 1 eye-safe laser and complies with all European directives. With the laser IR you get an incredible increase in viewing range – up to 2-3 times as compared to regular IR assisted models. Unlike in conventional IR illuminators, the IR spot is larger than the field of view, so the entire screen is evenly illuminated and you can easily detect an object at a farther range in every corner of the display. It’s also worth mentioning that adding the laser IR Illuminator did not impact the price – it will remain on the same price level as the Recon 550 series.  

With special, extremely sensitive CCD sensor at its core - the Recon 750/750R units still are designed for both day and night operations so no more worries associated with the conventional NV apply in daylight. A special light filter incorporated in the eyepiece of the unit, minimizes excessive brightness in the day thus ensuring comfortable observation and reducing eye strain.  

Major feature of the Recon 750R model is the built-in video recorder. The video recorder is capable of shooting video clips and taking still pictures with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. All recorded data is saved on a SD memory card enabling storing up to four hours of footage or thousands of images. All video clips or images can be browsed right away on the screen of the unit.        

Equipped with the video output jack, the Recon 750/750R can connect to an auxiliary video recorder and/or transmit video to an external monitor. This feature opens wide variety of possibilities including wireless transmission and other unique features and applications.

All Recon 750/Recon 750R’s are powered with four AA type batteries that guarantee up to 12 hours or operation. Recording requires more power; still one can count on up to five hours in recording mode.    

Now with the addition of Recon 750/Recon 750R the Pulsar line of digital products provides a wider choice for the user and enables more complex tasks to be handled. A truly impressive achievement in this still very new corner of technology, all things considered.


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