Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide launches a series of thermal imaging scopes Quantum

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide launches a series of thermal imaging scopes Quantum

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Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide launches a series of thermal imaging scopes Quantum

 Vilnius, Lithuania – March 11, 2013

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide has always been committed to expansion of its model range in various product groups. This year the company launches a completely new kind of product in its history – the thermal imager Quantum – expected to take its stand in the highly saturated thermal market.

Genuine design, supreme quality, extensive use of modern technologies and, last but not least, extremely competitive price. This is what highlights the thermal imager by Yukon. The company starts not just with a single model but with an entire range including devices with various specifications to meet the needs of every customer.

The Quantum thermal imaging scopes are equipped with a state-of-the-art uncooled microbolometer detector that produces clear thermal images of 384x288 or 160x120 pixels. To cover most of the markets, there are two frame rates to choose from – 9Hz or 30Hz. As an established standard, the Quantum imagers are equipped with quality Germanium lens with internal focusing. Depending on the model, the units have various magnification factors from 2x to 4x and detection range varying from 450 to 900 meters.

 Carbon-filled plastic body with very durable finish gives a feeling of a very well assembled and solid unit. The rubber grooved grips on the body ensure firm hold of the unit in the hand. The Quantum is conveniently controlled by just three buttons right underneath your fingertips: on/off, calibration, digital zoom/Color inversion (“hot white/hot black”). The encoder, another easy accessible control in unit’s front, features augmented functionality. With its help you adjust not only image brightness/contrast but also enter the menu featuring time setup and output signal selection options.   

The Quantum scopes are powered with four AA batteries, enough to power them for a couple of hours. To enjoy longer operation time, external battery packs EPS3 or EPS5 are suggested for use. 

The Quantum provides for joint use with multiple accessories like video recording device, external power supply, directional microphone etc. Accessories are fixed on a short Weaver rail on the left side of the scope. The ¼ inch tripod sockets located on two sides of the unit allow it to be mounted on a tripod. Also, the hand strap from the package attaches to either of these sockets.   

The Quantum is a very well-balanced thermal imager that has all features a thermal scope must have – outstanding picture, large viewing range, stable operation. All this, combined with a more than reasonable price, make the Quantum a perfect instrument for a multitude of applications.   



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