Apex XD75 Review from Svt Myslivosti

Here is an Apex XD75 riflescope review from Pulsar Distributor in Czech Republic Binox.

Source: Svt Myslivosti
Here is an Apex XD75 riflescope review from Pulsar Distributor in Czech Republic Binox.

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Pulsar’s Digisight LRF N870 Digital Day & Night Vision Scope
December 01 2016

Digisight LRF Rifflescope review is avaiable now from Pulsar distributor ExtraVision Australia

Yukon releases 900 series Digisights
July 13 2016

Night vision continues to grow in popularity and technology means that better and better products are being unveiled each year. The 900 series Digisights build on the success of the Yukon Advanced Optics range.

Recon 870. Short review of digital night vision device from Pulsar.
July 17 2015

Today night vision devices loose the so-called “information war” to thermal devices that are now enjoying the peak of popularity. In the last couple of years more and more thermal devices comparable in price with 3-rd generation night vision devices appeared on the market.

Quantum XD38S thermal imaging scope as evolution of  popular product line
June 02 2015

Digital night vision devices and thermal cameras have an important peculiarity which distinguishes them from NV devices based on image intensifier tubes. Their quality and capabilities are characterized not only by form factor and type of materials and parts. Advanced electronic components are the body of the device whereas the soul into the set of expensive machinery is inhaled by software.  

Pulsar’s Revolutionary Night and Day Vision Riflescope the Digisight LRF N850
March 31 2015

We now have a scope usable in day, night or ‘pitch black’ environments with a built in range finder to broaden its versatility. In this unconventional riflescope, a monochrome digital screen replaces the familiar direct optical path from the object to the eye.

Digisight LRF. Night vision riflescope with range finder
October 16 2014

Two in one. In all spheres and in all times attempts have been made often very successful to combine two or more things often used for solving parallel challenges in one.

Next Stage
August 04 2014

Getting acquainted with thermal scope Quantum HD19S

June 30 2014

In February, right after appearance on the market, “Safari” published a short review on digital night vision attachment Forward DFA75. But information is never redundant: as opposed to NV riflescopes, night vision attachments for day optics are still not much known to a significant part of hunting community.

Rangefinder binocular EXPERT LRF
January 31 2014

Laser rangefinder became a usual attribute of hunter’s equipment long time ago. There will always be a way to apply a rangefinder either to measure an unknown field or define exact distance to the target before a distant shot.

Black&White. Night vision riflescope Phantom 4X60 BW
January 13 2014

«Phantoms» appeared on the counters of Russian gun stores more than 5 years ago, that’s why you can hardly say that Phantom 4x60 BW modification is a completely new device. Meanwhile 5 years is a sufficient time to fix all the bugs which inevitably appear during the field testing of any even the most intricate device.

New products

thermal imaging scopes

High resolution sensor 640x480 pix. @ 17 µm
Smooth digital zoom: 2.5 ... 20
Range of detection: 1800 meters
Integration with iOS and Android devices

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