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New Pulsar Quantum Lite XQV thermal monocular

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide presents its new Quantum Lite XQV compact thermal monocular series, offered in two models differing for their objective lens focal length, featuring a very interesting performance point and a very affordable, sub-1500 Euro price point.

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Yukon\Pulsar, brands owned by Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide group, have become synonymous with night and thermal vision in the hunting and shooting world. Since their introduction, the Lithuanian manufacturer's night vision and thermal optics have found thir rightful place in the gear kit of many European hunters, thanks to their performance level and ease of use. 

The only complaint moved to these optics was that, despite these thermal devices were incredibly more affordable than the military systems of just a dozen Years prior, their purchase was - and still is, for the most part - always a very important budget decision. Today, Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide finally offers the hunting world a thermal monocular integrating a surprisingly effective reticle-based rangefinder for estimating game distances, at a really affordable price featuring a great performance ratio that is almost unbeatable: the Pulsar Quantum Lite XQV.

The Pulsar Quantum Lite XQV thermal monocular is very compact and lightweight: just 200 x 86 x 59 mm and it weighs only 350 grams. The housing is built using a tough glass-filled polymer, that is partially covered with a very grippable rubber armoring. Like most Pulsar thermal optics, the IR core is based on an uncooled Microbolometer focal planar array sensor with a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels (with 17 micron pixel pitch) and a full 50 Hz frame rate. The image is then displayed on a 640 x 480 resolution AMOLED microdisplay. The image can be enhanced selecting one of 7 available monochrome and color combinations, with both "white-hot" or "white-cold" image inversion. The calibration procedure is available in three modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual; The latter allows the user to perform a completely silent calibration. Three brightness, contrast and gain presets are available: "City" (High Contrast), "Forest" (Low Contrast) and "Identification" (more detail) , in which the image is optimized for each specific case.

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Sensor 384x288 @ 17 µm
Smooth digital zoom: 4.1 ... 16.4
Range of detection: 1800 meters
Integration with iOS and Android devices

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