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Yukon Advance Optics Worldwide is an acclaimed leader in the field of digital night vision devices on the optical market. Over the past 13 years we have designed and produced a number of digital product lines, many of those enjoying a huge success worldwide. It’s always a challenge to keep up with the fast paced life: creating something new and useful, valuable for customers takes lots of effort but it pays back in case of success.

Two years ago, we came up with our own software named Stream Vision. The task was to add extra functionality to the digital and thermal array of products under the Pulsar and Yukon trademarks. That was only first attempt and we think it was a good experience. Let’s take a closer look at Stream Vision and see why this application is definitely worth your attention.

Stream Vision is a free application available on Google Play and App Store. It’s compatible with all products featuring a Wi-Fi module. Hence you can apply this software to any modern Pulsar product with to broaden your experience and get the most your optical device. 

Stream Vision is designed to fulfill four major tasks: 
1. To transmit live image from optical device to your mobile device. 
2. To control selected functions of your optical device using your mobile device. 
3. To stream live video from optical device to youtube channel. 
4. To update firmware of your optical device.

First task. Once connected via Wi-Fi, you can view the image seen through the eyepiece on the display of your smartphone or tablet. It’s very handy, especially when waiting for an animal for hours. You can place your night vision device in a window opening on a small tripod and point it at the feeding area. Thanks to the motion detection function, you can immediately learn about the arrival of the animals simply looking at the display of your smartphone. Alternatively, you can set up sound or vibration alarm.

You can capture video footage using the Stream Vision App with the push of a button. Benefit from full content management – you can view, delete and download photo and video files stored in the device's onboard memory. What’s more, you can share your footage via most of modern social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Viber, iCloud, Google Drive.

Second task. With Stream Vision you can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control for your digital or thermal night vision device. On the display of a mobile device you can change digital zoom, set up IR level, image brightness and contrast, activate display off and do many other things. The app settings allow you to make available RC function for your friend or reserve it only for yourself. 

Third task. Try your hand at video blogging, a very popular phenomenon nowadays. Let your friends or fellow hunters know about your hunt by streaming live video from your NV device to a youtube channel. Connect your device to the Internet, set up a new channel, send a link to your friends and let your friends enjoy exciting videos. Live stream is not recorded to your mobile device. When streaming you can also take snapshots. Lock your display to avoid unwanted video stop. 

Fourth task. Pulsar night vision devices are constantly getting better. To keep up with the latest updates, download Stream Vision and update your night vision device. With new updates, you can get new functions, improved stability, and minor bugs fixes. To learn about updates – just check your smartphone for push notifications from Stream Vision.

The latest feature we added is the Ballistic Calculator which allows the user to determine exact ballistics for accurate shooting. The function offers setup of preferred parameters for the bullets and cartridges, and current weather conditions to hit the target even at a long range. The Ballistic Calculator is intended for use both with riflescopes by Pulsar and other manufacturers. 

Stream Vision is very easy to handle, its user-friendly multilingual interface and smooth operation let you enjoy your night vision equipment and use it for a vast array of applications. On our website you can find detailed well-illustrated quick guides with all extra information you may need.

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