Pulsar Digisight N900th series of digital night vision riflescopes

Yukon releases 900 series Digisights

Night vision continues to grow in popularity and technology means that better and better products are being unveiled each year. The 900 series Digisights build on the success of the Yukon Advanced Optics range.

Source: GTW Magazine
     The 900 series model range continues development of the Digisight line of digital night-vision riflescopes - one of the most successful products in the history of Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide. 

     This latest line includes four models that differ from each other in the type of integrated IR illuminator (either LED 810 nm or invisible Laser 915 nm) and in the presence of an integrated laser rangefinder (LRF models). Each of the riflescopes in the portfolio employ a sensor with better sensitivity. Comparing the spectral range sensitivity at 780 nm and 915 nm wavelengths, Digisight N960/N970 and Digisight LRF N960/N970 are the most technically advanced hunting riflescopes on the market today. 

     The wide range of magnification change from 3.5xto 14x has been increased by 30 per cent compared with the previous models' field of view, which allows effective use of the latest Digisight for target searching and for precise small-target shooting on high magnifications. 


     In addition, each riflescope's memory contains a significant range of reticles -11 configurations in all - while every reticle has four options of colour combination. For example, the central (illuminated) part can be red or green, whereas the main part can be either black or white. There are simple crosses and graded reticles, reticles for firearms, airsoft guns and crossbows.

     The new Digisight can store up to three zeroing profiles in its memory for different guns or ammo types, while each profile can be zeroed for five different distances. The riflescopes also boast a wide functionality - contrast and brightness control, one-shot zeroing, side incline and angle of elevation indication, calculation of measured distance with respect to elevation angle (THD function available in Digisight LRF N960/970 with integrated rangefinder), high shock resistance, external and internal power supply and much more.

     Compared to previous models, the controls have also become significantly easier to use. Now the design lacks small buttons and all controls are performed by means of a turn-switch, encoder and two large buttons. Wireless remote control handles the most necessary functions and has one programmable button.

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