Digiforce 860 RT

Digiforce 860RT Sales Launch 2017

We are glad to announce a global launch of new NV monoculars Digiforce 860 RT!

Employment of digital technologies is one of the top priorities for the development of night vision devices by Pulsar. Digital devices possess certain unbeatable advantages and extended functionality perfect for inclusion in the hunting market as well as wildlife observation, law enforcement and security markets: 

Protection against bright light sources 
Digital night vision devices can be operated in daylight without fear of immediate or long-term damage. They are also not damaged by artificial illumination, i.e. car headlights, street lights, etc.  

Effective use with “invisible” IR Illuminators 
As opposed to image intensifier tube based devices, digital night vision devices feature advanced efficiency when coupled with IR Illuminators operating higher up the near-infrared spectrum, generally considered invisible to the naked eye (> 900 nm).  

Signal reception and transmission 
Digital night vision devices are well-suited for image recording with conveniently integrated or external recording equipment.  

Long-life performance 
The average lifespan of a CCD/CMOS array is 25000 hours, up to twice that of even the best image intensifier tubes.

If you want to learn more about the new device and try it by yourself, you're cordially invited to visit our stand at IWA 2017 in Nuremberg. Or refer to Pulsar distributor in your country for more detailed information.

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New products

thermal imaging binoculars

Magnification: 3.1x - 12.4x 

Detection range: 1350 m
High display resolution 640 x 480 px

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