Digital riflescope Digisight N750 – a leap forward to another stage of digital hunting technologies.

Digital riflescope Digisight N750 – a leap forward to another stage of digital hunting technologies.

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Digital riflescope Digisight N750 – a leap forward to another stage of digital hunting technologies

 Vilnius, Lithuania – March 11, 2013

Unsurpassed in quality and selection of the digital Night Vision systems, the Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide will release its new Digisight N750 digital riflescope designed to replace its predecessor – Digisight N550.   

With the new name – N750 – we have not just developed another model but have introduced loads of improvements over the original N550 model. Having preserved the external appearance, we added a number of essential features which can’t help be appreciated by the user.

The highlights of the Digisight N750 worth mentioning are as follows.

Firstly, the scope is outfitted with a built-in laser IR Illuminator providing dramatic extension in viewing range. The laser IR with adjustable power settings allows you to detect a target at a distance of up to 500-600 meters which is a brilliant result for average priced night vision equipment. It’s not only the extra viewing range you get with the laser IR – the image in the display becomes much clearer and brighter. We do care for our customers, so the laser IR employed in the scope is a Class 1 laser meaning it’s absolutely eye-safe. For the markets where lasers are prohibited by local regulations or laws, we have designed a N750S version equipped with a regular IR Illuminator instead of the laser one.

Secondly, the Digisight N750 uses a high quality color OLED display which provides you with a number of advantages such as: ability to operate in lower temperature range (up to -20 ºC), superb image quality, color on-screen icons and reticle dot. The image allows for additional contrast and brightness settings that you may find useful when hunting in poor environmental conditions.  

Our customers have always asked us to increase magnification in the Digisight scope. We did it by adding 1.5x digital zoom. With a touch of a button 4.5x optical zoom becomes 7x digital. It should be noted that the digital zoom will not deteriorate image quality heavily but will help you increase detection range.   

One more change to report is a more precise windage/elevation adjustment. Now one click equals to 13mm at 100m which enables you to quickly zero in you scope if you choose traditional zeroing method. But one shot zeroing method, which appeared first in N550 and was highly appreciated by many hunters, has been preserved in this model.

An attentive user will surely notice that the new scope does not have a remote control jack any more. This is because the Digisight N750 is now delivered with a wireless remote control (RC) which activates the scope, IR Illuminator and digital zoom. The RC, being compact sized with one meter operation range provides for better mobility and convenience of use.   

    With special, extremely sensitive CCD sensor at its core - the Digisight N750 is designed for both day and night operations so no more worries associated with the conventional NV apply in daylight.

The Digisight N750 is a truly impressive achievement in this still very new corner of technology, all things considered. It's got everything what it takes to become a most successful and desirable device in the hunting market.    




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