The Expert LRF 8x40 range finding binocular as an embodiment  of perfectly tailored latest technologies

The Expert LRF 8x40 range finding binocular as an embodiment of perfectly tailored latest technologies

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The Expert LRF 8x40 range finding binocular as an embodiment

of perfectly tailored latest technologies

Vilnius, Lithuania – March 11, 2013

With hybrid solutions gaining its strength in the hunting market, the Yukon Advanced Optics embarked on the development of its answer to the leading models: with higher quality, versatility and value. Yukon’s range finding binocular Expert LRF 8x40, presented for the first time at IWA 2012 is a good example that these efforts had come to fruition.

The Expert LRF 8x40 binocular with built-in laser rangefinder is one of the latest examples of how successfully two devices performing different tasks can be blended into a single piece of equipment. Following typical for the Expert series external appearance, the Expert LRF 8x40 replaced the light filters in with the built-in rangefinder, the latter having quite a few essential features.   

Firstly, rangefinder’s emitter and receiver are built as dedicated channels not intervening with the binoculars’ optical paths. The only add-in component inside the optical channel is the image input optical unit. Its patented design allowed for minimal loss of light which contributed to a higher light gathering capacity and, as a result, to a brighter and clearer picture in low light conditions.  

Secondly, the aiming mark and distance measurement are shown as bright red symbols. Brightness degree is gradually adjusted so you can choose the appropriate brightness for specific environment – be it dark background in the twilight or light background in daylight.

The rangefinder operates in either single measurement mode or scanning mode displaying data in meters or yards. The unit operates with a single CR123A battery; thanks to the automatic power-off function and low power consumption one battery is enough to make at least 3000 measurements. The rangefinder is operated with only two buttons conveniently located on the top of the body.      

With only one meter error margin, the Expert LRF 8x40 reads target distance up to 999 meters away. The sturdy well-balanced body makes the binocular very stable helping to lock on the target easily and retrieve most accurate distance readings.    

The Expert LRF 8x40 is the first range finding binocular on the market performing both functions – that of the daylight binocular and the rangefinder – perfectly without compromising each other. You are welcome to test both and see how smoothly they work together.


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