Infrared Flashlights

Pulsar | IR Flashlights

Infrared Flashlights. Modifications.

Modification Diode type IR Wavelength, nm Compatible with
Pulsar L-915 Laser IR Flashlight Laser915 (invisible)digital night vision devices
Pulsar L-808S Laser IR Flashlight Laser780all types of night vision devices
Pulsar-805 IR Flashlight LED805all types of night vision devices
Pulsar-940 IR Flashlight LED940 (invisible)digital night vision devices
Pulsar-X850 IR Flashlight LED850all types of night vision devices

Pulsar Accessories. Other models

pulsar accessories

Battery pack EPS3I is designed for the use with digital units and NV riflescopes, thermal imaging scopes. It features an integrated low battery indicator.

pulsar accessories

Pulsar DNV Battery Pack is designed to prolong self contained operation of digital devices Forward DFA75, Forward DN55 and Quantum thermal imagers.

pulsar accessories

The Pulsar neck strap is designed to be fixed to the devices which are equipped with ¼ inch tripod socket. It can be used with thermal imagers Quantum/ Quantum S and night vision devices Challenger and others.

pulsar accessories

The metall Cover Ring Adapter is designed to attach the digital night vision scope Forward DN55 to majority of day optical devices with 50 mm lens diameter.

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