Thermal imaging technology 

Thermal imaging technology such as thermal scopes e.g. thermal imaging scopes for hunting is the ability to detect heat signatures of objects and turn them into visible images. First real life application of thermal imaging was in the military. Military required technology for detecting enemy units at large distances and thermal imaging provided this capability. However, due to the fact that first thermal scopes required cooling to ensure better sensitivity thermal imaging systems were bulky and heavy and could only be installed on ships, vehicles or tanks. Another reason for that is power consumption, thermal scopes modules required significant amount of power that could only be provided by generator systems of ships or vehicles.

Today technology has advanced forward and contemporary thermal vision scopes e.g. for hunting, are smaller and some of them do not require cooling any more. Overall prices on thermal scopes have also decreased with the development of technological progress.

Now anyone can buy thermal vision scopes and use it for different purposes such as outdoor observation, security, search and rescue operations, industrial checks, medical surveys etc. Hunters have also appreciated thermal vision scopes for hunting once it appeared on the market. Detecting game has never been easier. Thermal imaging rifle scope for hunting has changed the ways of contemporary hunting. Several years ago a hunter had to browse through the forest with a dog looking for tracks of animals or wait for them in an ambush without certainty. Now hunting with thermal imaging become very popular. One can scan the forest or field with thermal imagers for hunting and know exactly where animals are.

Quantum series from Pulsar

Pulsar is producing several types of thermal imaging devices for hunting and outdoor market. Different applications require different products. For observation purposes the company offers a range of thermal imaging monoculars - Quantum series. They come with different objective lenses and depending on the lenses have different optic parameters.

For hunting professionals Pulsar offers thermal imaging rifle scopes Apex with several options of objective lenses. The riflescopes have advanced software and are packed with features for ensuring the best hunting experience. Detectors are recoil protected and can withstand high calibers. Eye relief is one of the largest in its class.

Observation monoculars and riflescopes provide users with video recording capability for keeping interesting moments and sharing with their friends.

If a user desires to have an option for both observation and shooting, he can choose thermal imaging attachment. Clip-on system Core can be mounted on a regular day sight with 42,50 or 56 lens diameter. When not used on a day thermal scopes Core can be transformed into an observation monocular.

Pulsar is one of the leading manufacturers of night vision and thermal imaging optics for hunting and outdoor professionals. The company has evolved from a manufacturer of simple day optics to a producer of complicated electro-optic devices. 25 years of experience ensure that products of Pulsar provide the best image quality and stable performance in any conditions.


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