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Generation: II+
Tube Type (basic): EPM207G-2
Magnification: 1x
Field of View: 40°
Range of Detection: 200 m
Weight: 360 g

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(NV scopes Challenger) Built-in wide-angled illuminator

Built-in wide-angled illuminator

An energy-conserving wide-angled IR illuminator is designed to use the device on a Head Mount in lowlight (for map reading, travelling, use in dark isolated premises).  

(NV scopes Challenger) Eyepiece


The Challenger G2+ are outfitted with a new five-lens eyepiece that minimizes distortion across the edges of the field of view and increases image sharpness and contrast. A soft rubber eyecup conceals the light emission from the tube thus permitting a user to stay unnoticed. When rotating the eyepiece, the eyecup remains fixed.

(NV scopes Challenger) Body


The body of fiberglass reinforced plastic is able to effectively withstand impact, moisture and dust which allows the units to be used in extreme conditions.

(NV scopes Challenger) Controls


All operations are carried out with the help of a single switch that sequentially turns on the unit and IR Illuminator.

(NV scopes Challenger) Mount


Two diametrically positioned mounting rails with a ¼” tripod mount are used to attach to the Head Mount. Additional Weaver rail on the body is designed to install extra Pulsar IR Illuminator or other accessories.  

(NV scopes Challenger G2+ 1x21B) Note


Attention! Black spots can be visible in the field of view of the NV monocular 74094B (Challenger G2+ 1x21B), which is compliant with the technical requirements of the tube EPM223G-11-26V and is not a defect.

Generation 2+
Tube Type EPM207G-2
Optical characteristics
Magnification, x 1
Objective Lens F27/1.29
Field of View,° 40
Field of View, m@100m 73
Min. focusing distance, m 0.2
Eye Relief, mm 25
Diopter adjustment, dptr. ± 6
Resolution, lines per mm not less than 40
Built-in IR-illuminator
IR Wavelenght, nm 805
Built-in IR-illuminator
Equivalent IR Power, mW 30
Range of observation
Range of detection, m (object 1.7 m high, illumination level 0.05 lux ("1/4 moon") 200
Power Supply
Power Supply, V 3
Battery type 1xCR123
Physical & operational characteristics
Tripod Mount, inch 1/4
Accessory Mount Rale Type Weaver
Operating Temperature,°С -20 … +40
Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IP65
Dimensions, mm 163x58x76
Weight (without batteries), kg 0.36

Tube-Based NV Scopes. Other modifications

Modification Generation Tube Type Magnification, x Field of View,° Range of detection, m (object 1.7 m high, illumination level 0.05 lux ("1/4 moon") Head Mount
Challenger G2+ 3.5x56 NV Scope 2+ EPM207G-2 3.5 12 700 -
Challenger GS 1x20 NV Scope CF-Super EP33-СF-U 1 36 90 -
Challenger GS 1x20 Head Mount Kit CF-Super EP33-СF-U 1 36 90 included
Challenger GS 2.7x50 NV Scope CF-Super EP33-СF-U 2.7 13 150 -
Challenger GS 3.5x50 NV Scope CF-Super EP33-СF-U 3.5 11 170 -
Challenger GS 4.5x60 NV Scope CF-Super EP33-СF-U 4.5 9 200 -

Accessories See all Accesories

pulsar accessories

The most powerful Pulsar IR illuminator

pulsar accessories

The NV Compact Head Mount is designed for joint use with Challenger G2+ 1x21, Challenger GS 1x20 or other NV devices with similar bracket.

pulsar accessories

NV Challenger G2+ 1x21 DOS adapter allows the Challenger G2+ 1x21 to be used with optical day riflescopes for night time shooting.

pulsar accessories

The NV Challenger HS Adapter is designed to install NV monoculars Challenger GS 1x20 and Challenger G2+ 1x21 behind a collimator sight for shooting in the nighttime.

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