On this page you can download available software for digital and thermal Pulsar devices, as well as reference materials. Promotional and reference materials for Pulsar products are available in the section Promotional materials.


Quick Guides

Stream Vision Quick Guide for iOS download
Stream Vision Quick Guide for Android -  download

Privacy Policy (June 5, 2017)

Stream Vision Privacy Policy Google Play download

Software for the videorecorder CVR640
The delivered memory card contains useful software, which includes files as follows:
- CVR640 Driver – a driver which serves to connect the recorder to your PC. Install this driver before connection.
- CVR640 Video Converter – software to enable direct recording to PC hard drive.
- CVR640 settime – file to set up date and time.
Digisight N750/N770 Reticles: download
Reticle Catalogues 
- Trail XP38 Reticle Catalogue: download 
- Trail 
XP50/XQ30 Reticle Catalogue: download 
Trail XQ38  Reticle Catalogue: download 
- Trail XQ50 Reticle Catalogue: 

- Apex LRF XQ50 Reticle Catalogue: 
- Apex LRF XQ38 Reticle Catalogue: 
- Apex XD/LD38 Reticle Catalogue:
- Apex XD/LD50 Reticle Catalogue: download
- Apex XD/LD75 Reticle Catalogue: download

- Digisight N750A/N770A/Digisight LRF N850/N870 Reticle Catalogue: download
- Digisight N960/N970/Digisight LRF N960/N970 Reticle Catalogue: download

- Argus LRF Reticle Catalogue: download
Rifle Mount Catalogues
- Digisight rifle mounts Catalogue: download
- Phantom / Sentinel rifle mounts Catalogue: download 

New products

pulsar accessories

The Pulsar neck strap is designed to be fixed to the devices which are equipped with ¼ inch tripod socket. It can be used with thermal imagers Quantum/ Quantum S and night vision devices Challenger and others.

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