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User manuals for Pulsar accessories

The section contains user manuals for the following accessories:

- Battery packs EPS3/ EPS5
- Video Recorder CVR640 Newton
- Digisight mounts
- NV Challenger GS 1x20/ G2+ 1x21 DOS adapter
- NV Compact Head Mount
- Challenger GS 1x20 2x Lens Converter
- Weather Guard 50 mm/ 60 mm Pulsar
- NV60/ NV50 1.5x Lens Converter
- TSD1 Torque Screwdriver
- DN Cover Ring Adapters
Source: UAB "Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide"

New products

night vision riflescopes

The best night sensitivity
Integration with iOS and Android devices
Integrated video recorder
Fully waterproof (IPX7)

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