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Forward F455
Forward F455

Table of contents

Installing the IR Illuminator


Step 1. Install the IR illuminator

  1. Remove the cap (12) from the connector to attach the IR illuminator (13).
  2. Remove the cover (11) from the IR illuminator.
  3. Install the IR illuminator on the connector (13). The lever (25) should be in the up position.
  4. Lock the IR illuminator by pressing the lever (25) down.
  5. Make sure that the IR illuminator is mounted and connected to the device.

Step 2. Turn on the IR illuminator

  1. Turn on the device using the ON/OFF (9) button to activate the IR illuminator.
  2. The status bar will display the disabled illuminator icon if the IR illuminator is not connected. This icon is not displayed when the IR illuminator is connected.

Step. 3. Adjust the power level of the IR illuminator

  1. Briefly press the IR (24) button at the end of the illuminator. The power level when switching on is minimum .
  2. The IR illuminator icon will be displayed on the status bar with the relevant power level.
  3. Successive brief presses of the IR (24) button will toggle the brightness level of the illuminator ( >  > > ).

Step 4. Turn off the IR illuminator

  1. The IR illuminator is turned off by a long press of the IR (24) button.
  2. The IR icon will disappear from the screen.

Note: when using an IR illuminator on a rifle with a silencer installed, light flare may appear on the display.