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Forward FN455S
Forward FN455S

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Operating Features

The Forward FN455S device is designed for long-term use. Please follow these guidelines to ensure long life and maximum performance:

  • Before using the attachment make sure you mount it according to the instructions in the Installing Digital Module on the Optical Device and Installing Pulsar 5x30 Monocular on to the Digital Module sections.
  • Power off the device after use.
  • Do not repair or dismantle an attachment under guarantee by yourself!
  • The device can be used over a wide range of temperatures. If the device has been operated in the cold and brought into a warm room, do not remove it from its carrying case for at least 2-3 hours; this will prevent condensation forming on the external optical elements.
  • Inspect and maintain the device regularly to ensure trouble-free operation and to avert and eliminate the cases of premature wear and tear and failure of components.