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Thermion 2
Thermion 2

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Switching and Changing the Batteries

Thermion 2 devices are powered by 2 batteries: built-in Battery Pack APS3 and removable Battery Pack APS3/APS2.

  1. If there are two batteries in the device, two battery icons are displayed in the status bar (1 - built-in battery, 2 - removable battery ). The battery from which the device is powered is displayed in blue, inactive - in gray.
  2. If there is no removable battery in the device, only one blue icon of the internal battery is displayed in the status bar.
  3. When both batteries are fully charged, the device is powered by the removable battery. If there is low removable battery level, the device will switch to the built-in battery.
  4. When charging the batteries using the micro USB port (10), the built-in battery is charged first. When the built-in battery charge level reaches 100%, the device switches to charging the removable battery. The battery level is displayed in percentage above the icons in the status bar.
  5. It is possible to replace removable battery with device turned on when it is powered by built-in battery (the device will continue to work properly).

Attention! When removing the removable battery from the device, if the device is powered by it, the device will reboot and switch to operation from the built-in battery. When installing a removable battery with a sufficient charge level, the device will automatically switch to it.