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Thermion Duo
Thermion Duo

Table of contents

Image Modes (Thermal Imaging/Digital/Multispectral PiP)

The device has 3 image modes: thermal imaging, digital and multispectral PiP mode.

  • Quickly switch between thermal and digital modes by briefly pressing the MODE (3) button.
  • Activate the multispectral PiP mode by a long press of the MODE (3) button.
  • In the multispectral PiP mode, the image channels in the PiP window are switched by briefly pressing the MODE (3) button.

Thermal Imaging Mode

The device displays an image from a thermal imaging microbolometer when using the thermal imaging mode.

This mode allows you to use the device both at night-time and during the day in adverse weather conditions (fog, snow, haze) when there are obstacles (branches, tall grass, dense bushes etc.) that make it difficult to detect the target.

In thermal imaging mode, the riflescope does not need an external light source and is resistant to high light levels.

Digital Mode

In digital mode, the device generates a colour image from a digital sensor.

The device can be used as a fully-featured daytime riflescope while maintaining all the functions of a digital riflescope (digital zoom, PiP, video recorder, Wi-Fi, etc.).

The digital channel is intended for use only during the day, both in sunny and cloudy weather. This mode is not intended for use at night, including with an IR illuminator, due to the presence of an IR filter.

Multispectral PiP


In the multispectral PiP mode, the image of one channel is displayed in the main window, and the image of the second channel is displayed in the PiP window.

In this mode, digital zoom is applied only to the PiP window. The magnification in the main window is set to base.