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Thermion Duo
Thermion Duo

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Restore Default Pixel Map

Restore Default Pixel Map

This option allows the user to return all previously disabled defective pixels to their original state.

  1. Press and hold the controller button (6) to enter the main menu.
  2. Rotate the controller ring (6) to select the Defective Pixel Repair  icon.
  3. Press the controller button (6) to enter the submenu.
  4. Rotate the controller ring (6) to select the Restore Default Pixel Map  icon.
  5. Activate the function by briefly pressing the controller button (6).
  6. Rotate the controller ring (6) to select Yes if you want to return to the factory pixel map or select No if you do not.
  7. Confirm your selection with a short press of the controller button (6).

Attention! One or two pixels on the display of the device in the form of bright white, black or colored (blue, red or green) points may appear. These points cannot be removed and are not a defect.