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Thermion 2 XQ/XP Series: new flagship in the Pulsar thermal imaging riflescope range!

Pulsar raises the performance of thermal imaging riflescopes to the next level with the release of second generation Thermion riflescopes – Thermion 2 XQ38, Thermion 2 XQ50, Thermion 2 XP50. This range features a number of improvements that significantly enhance performance and quality.

Thermion 2 XP50 offers a new top-class 640x480/17µm thermal imaging sensor with ground-breaking temperature sensitivity (NETD lower than 25 mK) enabling detection of the smallest temperature differences. Thermion 2 XQ38 and XQ50 have a 384x288/17µm thermal imaging sensor with high temperature sensitivity (NETD lower than 40 mK) offering excellent detail recognition in the most difficult weather conditions.

All Thermion 2 models have newly developed fast aperture germanium optics F/1.0 with improved heat energy transmissivity. The new objective lens optics boost image quality by improving contrast and lowering noise. In combination with advanced sensors, the new optics enable clear visualization of the small details of observed objects with Thermion 2 as well as landscape features and small vegetation in the harshest weather conditions.

A number of remarkable features makes Thermion 2 riflescopes unique on the market. The XP50 and XQ50 units’ detection range reaches 1800 meters and the XQ38 can detect hot objects at up to 1350 meters. Thermion 2 riflescopes are recoil rated up to 6000 joules of muzzle energy, which covers such calibers as .375 H&H, 12-Gauge and 9.3x64. The Thermion Digital zoom helps to magnify distant targets to better assess and identify them. Zoom can be done using Picture in Picture mode. With a number of proprietary algorithms Image Detail Boost helps enhance detail for sharper images.

Apart from extraordinary optic capabilities, Thermion 2 units possess a vast set of gun related features such as Multiple zeroing modes (One-shot Zeroing, Zoom Zeroing and Freeze Zeroing), the ability to save numerous reticle coordinates in separate zeroing profiles, side tilt indication and a wide range of reticle options in several colors.

Thermion advanced image settings help optimize images viewed according to the most rigorous requirements and make the units a truly versatile shooting tool for any circumstance. The unit has manual brightness and contrast adjustment, 4 observation modes optimized for specific viewing conditions and 8 color palettes.

Built-in photo and video recorder with 16 Gb of internal memory are to save exciting moments of hunting life. Photos and videos can be downloaded to PC via USB connection or to smartphone via WiFi using a free Stream Vision mobile application.

A new Thermion 2 family sets the new standard of performance for thermal imaging riflescopes. It signifies the new stage in development of top-class thermal imaging products with the best in thermal sensitivity.

New models will be available on the market starting from March 2021.

Key technical specs for both models:

Product name Thermion 2 XQ38 Thermion 2 XQ50 Thermion 2 XP50
SKU 76545 76546 76544
Sensor resolution, pixel 384x288 384x288 640x480
Thermal sensitivity (NETD), mK <40 <40 <25
Pixel pitch, µm 17 17 17
Framerate, fps 50 50 50
Lens focus, mm 35 50 50
Lens relative aperture F/1.0 F/1.0 F/1.0
Display resolution, pixel 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768
Magnification, x 2.5–10 3.5-14 2-16
Horizontal field of view,° 10.7 7.5 12.4
Click value (1 click at 100 m), mm 18 13 21
Video & photo recorder + + +
Wi-Fi, mobile app support + + +
Internal memory, Gb 16 16 16
Detection range, m 1350 1800 1800
Protection level IPX7 IPX7 IPX7
Battery life, h 7 7 7
Shock resistance, J 6000 6000 6000
Dimensions, mm 399x78x83 412x78x83 412x78x83
Weight, kg 0.75 0.9 0.9


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