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Three times more powerful

We offer a new accessory for the following digital night riflescopes: Digisight Ultra 400 series, Digisight Ultra LRF, digital night vision devices and Forward 400 series attachments – infrared illuminators Pulsar Ultra XS.

This product line includes Pulsar Ultra-X850S and Pulsar Ultra-X940S illuminators with wavelengths of 850 nm and 940 nm, respectively. Its optical power is 800 mW and 700 mW, respectively. This is three times higher than the previous Pulsar Ultra XA series IR illuminators. Hunting objects at night shot distances are more brightly illuminated. The range and the probability of correct recognition and identification of the animal are increased.

The illuminators can operate at three power levels – 25%, 50% and 100% - to select the required lighting intensity in a particular observation situation. A light flux direction is adjusted using the optical part of the illuminator for complete and uniform lighting of the observation place.

The illuminator is connected via a set of contacts on the housing of Digisight Ultra or Forward and is powered by the battery of the night imaging device. The illuminator status is shown on the display of the night imaging device.