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Stream Vision Ballistics for iOS
Stream Vision Ballistics for iOS

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Setting up profiles in the riflescope memory using the application

1. Go to the "Devices" tab –> Select your riflescope –> "All device profiles" -> and select the desired profile.

2. In the opened menu, you can configure the profile name, ammunition type, riflescope height, zeroing distance, weather conditions.

3. To use the profile for the built-in ballistic calculator in the riflescope, activate the "Ballistic parameters" switch.

4. To add a profile to the application database, tap  -> "Add to Library". If the database already has a profile with the same name, change the name of the profile.

5. Tap "Save" to save changes.

6. Set the status to "Active" for the profile you want to use. To do this, tap the button next to the desired profile.

7. To load a profile from the application database, tap and select the desired profile from the list.