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Thermion 2 LRF XG
Thermion 2 LRF XG

Table of contents

Quick Menu

The quick menu allows you to control the main settings of the riflescope (brightness, contrast), amplification modes, select the ballistic calculator distance, and change the zeroing distance (if there are several) to another one in the current profile.

  • Press the controller button (6) briefly to enter the quick menu.
  • A short press of the controller button (6) enables you to switch between functions, as described below.

Brightness  – rotate the controller ring (6) to change the display brightness value from 00 to 20.

Contrast  – rotate the controller ring (6) to change the image contrast value from 00 to 20.

Amplification Levels  – allows you to select one of three amplifying levels of sensitivity (Normal , High , Ultra ).

Note: To maintain brightness and contrast settings when changing amplifying levels, activate User Mode.

 – information on the current profile and zeroing distance in this profile (e.g., profile A, zeroing distance of 100 m). This information is always displayed in the status bar. Rotate the controller ring (6) to switch between the zeroing distances in the selected profile. This function is available if there are two or more distances in the profile.

Tip: To quickly switch between distances while hunting, leave the Zeroing Distance option selected before exiting the quick menu. The menu item will be saved, and the next time you enter the quick menu, you can quickly switch the zeroing distances by turning the controller (6) (for example, 100 m, 150 m, 200 m).

 - change the distance to calculate corrections for the ballistic calculator. Rotate the controller ring (6) to select the distance.

This function is only visible when the ballistic profile is selected.

  • Press and hold the controller button (6) to exit the menu or wait 10 seconds to exit automatically.