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Axion XM30F: get more for less

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of the Axion XM30F, the new compact-class thermal vision monocular. The new Axion XM30F offers the best functionality for this device type on the market at a decent price.

Lightweight, compact comfort

The Axion XM is the ultimate choice for hunting and hiking. Pocket-size and weighing under 250 grams, the Axion XM30F magnesium alloy body is both light and strong plus fully waterproof.

This device ensures a comfortable grip and handling and is simple to use with both hands with symmetrical control buttons on the top panel.

The high contrast AMOLED display operates well in extreme cold, without restricting functionality. Even at temperatures of -25°C, the display returns a crisp high-quality image, and its performance remains flawless without any inconvenient delays.

Stream Vision 2: WiFi integration with smartphones

The Axion XM30F features enhanced WiFi module stability. Connect it to your smartphone via the new Stream Vision 2 mobile application for a wide range of unique features such as wireless firmware updating, direct image streaming to your mobile screen, remote control of all digital functions and much more.

Registered users are provided with 8 GB of cloud storage for photo and video material created with a built-in recorder.

Useful functions

The Axion XM30F compact thermal imager features a range of useful components and premium functionality:

  • Thermal imaging sensor with 320x240 pixels and a 12-micron pitch size.
  • Durable magnesium alloy housing: IPX7 waterproof rated; shock, drop and rough handling resistant.
  • Built-in photo and video recording with 16 GB of internal memory.
  • Wide-angled eyepiece for comfort of observation.
  • 8 colour pallets.
  • More than 5 hours of operating time on a single battery charge: the Axion XM is powered by a quickly replaceable battery and external sources via USB.

Key specifications



Model name

Axion XM30F

Sensor resolution, pixel


Pixel pitch, µm


Display type


Objective lens




Detection range, m


FOV, °


Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


The Axion XM30F will be available for sale in December 2021.

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