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Pulsar Proton FXQ30 – New Color Display Thermal Front Attachment

This short overview was kindly provided by TFB (The

The Pulsar Krypton FXG50 Thermal Clip-On gets a smaller and less expensive colleague called the Proton FXQ30.

This is a compact thermal imaging front attachment for hunting, forestry and pest control. With an adapter, you can attach it to your existing riflescope and get a shortcut to thermal capability. You just use your normal reticle to aim and shoot.

The Proton uses a sensor with 384×288 pixels resolution (17 μm) and < 40mk NETD. It uses an auto-focus which is quite convenient when attached to a rifle.

Two Pulsar Proton FXQ30. Side view with controls and front-view with thermal lens and battery. The knife is for size comparison. (Photo by the author).

TFB has had the Pulsar Proton FXQ30 for a while now to be able to try it out and review it. There are more powerful thermals out there, the Pulsar Krypton for instance, but don’t underestimate the Proton. It is relatively cheap (for a thermal), easy to use and lightweight. The recommended magnification on your riflescope is around 1.5-4x. So far, we tried it on 3 rifles, up to .300 WinMag, with no zeroing or other issues.

Below you can see our main testing platform, which also shows the Proton from almost all sides.


The Proton is just 119х58х75 mm and weighs 380 grams (13.4 ounces).

Below: Last week I was hunting with the new Proton and had this wild boar in my sight, but he escaped. This is how the menu looks like with the color modes.

Below is an example of how the Pulsar Proton can be used as a thermal scanner.

Below: Another sample of the software. This is a real situation, wild animals (roe deer family), taken by the author during this winter.

Here’s a video I recorded about a week ago, with a wild boar that finally evaded me.

What do you think about the new Pulsar Proton FXG30? Is it a show stopper? Are you missing some features? Let us know.

You can find detailed information about PROTON FXQ30 Here