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Challenger GS
Tube-based NV Monoculars

Night Vision Scopes


CF-Super Technology

At the core of Pulsar GS line is a unique R-Contact optics and CF-Super image intensifier tube combination specially designed to provide the highest edge-to-edge resolution performance ever seen in cost-conscious consumer night vision products. 


Wide-angled IR illuminator

Challenger GS 1x20 is equipped with an energy-conserving, wide-angled IR illuminator. The device can be head-mounted. The IR’s versatility is also useful for map reading and close-quarter illumination in extreme lowlight conditions.

Head Mount

The Pulsar Compact Head Mount, included with Challenger GS 1x20 Head Mount Kit and Edge GS 1x20 Night Vision Goggles, offers hands-free night vision viewing. The Compact Head Mount positions the Edge or Challenger perfectly in front your eyes and provides amazing stability, even during rapid movement, i.e. walking, running and other abrupt movements, while an ergonomic design keeps the suspension-point close for reduced load on the neck and overall fatigue. Combined with a night vision device, the Compact Head Mount is ideal for high-tech military-inspired games, night hiking, surveillance, trekking to and from hunting positions, etc. 

CF-Super Technology includes a number of advantages:

Lack of distortion

Stable, distortion-free imaging at center as well as the peripheral area.

Constant image quality across the entire field of view

CF-Super’s resolution is notable for its consistency (resolution difference between the center/periphery does not exceed 20%, in comparison to center/periphery resolution five times greater with Gen. 1 devices. 

Effective field of view

High resolution and geometric image precision provided by devices utilizing CF-Super technology provide effective observation at any position within the field of view. By comparison, decent image quality with Gen. 1 devices is generally only found at the center of the field of view.

High resolution

The CF-Super tube features, on average, 20% higher resolution than available with Gen. 1 devices.

Device's Elements


The body of metal and carbon-filled plastic is able to effectively withstand impact, moisture and dust which allows the units to be used in extreme conditions.


Challenger devices include 5-lens eyepieces designed to increase image sharpness and contrast, and minimize distortion throughout the field of view.


Challenger GS controls were designed with simplicity in mind. A single switch sequentially turns on the unit and IR illuminator.

Weaver Rail

A Weaver rail attached to Edge and Challenger devices, provides the perfect solution for adding accessories like IR flashlights.


The soft rubber eyecup increases viewer comfort while trapping light emission from the device for improved concealment.


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Pulsar IR Illuminators

Allow raising efficiency of night vision devices in low light conditions. Smooth power adjustment. Beam focusing. Adjustable IR Spot Position. Weaver mounted.

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DOS Adapters

Combined with the Challenger GS 1x20 / Challenger G2+ 1x21 NV monocular adapters allow use of soft air guns with a day optical riflescope for night shooting.

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NV Compact Head Mount

The NV Compact Head Mount allows hands-free operation of the night vision device and ensures its stable positioning even while in fast motion.

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Neck Straps

Optics Straps

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