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Thermal Imaging Riflescopes

Thermal Imaging Riflescopes



Precision shooting begins with knowing the distance to your target. The Apex LRF features an integrated laser rangefinder capable of capturing and displaying target distances accurately, within ±1 m., up to 1000 m.



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High target detection distance

Depending on model, Apex Thermal Riflescopes with Increased Recognition and Detection Software (IRIS) are capable of detecting big-game-size heat signatures over 1300+ m. away.

“Picture-in-Picture” Function

Picture-in-Picture improves accuracy by providing a 2x magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display. With only 1/10 of the display area reserved for PiP, the field of view remains virtually unobstructed for simultaneous PiP and FOV viewing.

Zeroing with "Freeze" Function

After making a zeroing shot it is enough to save a frame of a target in the memory of the riflescope and align reticle with point of impact looking at this frame without the necessity of keeping full immobility of a weapon.

Selectable Reticles

A reticle is electronically displayed on the screen and is permanently located in the plane of target image. The Apex internal memory contains a number of reticles of various shapes and applications. The color of the reticle can be switched from black to white.

3 Types of Zeroing Parameters Memorization

Save three individual firearm/ammunition zeroing profiles, including different reticles, at up to five distances, in the Apex’s memory. Zoom zeroing support ensures precise zeroing accuracy.

High Shock Resistance

Original shock and vibration protection of microbolometer array allows using Apex riflescopes on large caliber up to .375 rifled hunting guns and on smooth-bore and air rifles.

Rifle Mount

Based on the endless differences between people and the anthropometric data related to their body mechanics, measurements, etc., Pulsar developed a mounting system with generous adjustability to suit virtually any shooter lining up behind a Pulsar optic.

Eyesafe Eye Relief

One of the best in its class, Apex Thermal Riflescopes feature generous 67 mm eye relief. When it comes to confidence, comfort and heavy recoil, Eyesafe delivers the peace-of-mind you need on the hunt to make every shot count.

Additional features

Operating modes

The Apex offers three operating modes, each designed to deliver the best possible image in specific viewing conditions: “Rocks” (enhanced contrast), “Forest” (low contrast) and “Identification” (improved rendering of hot objects' details).

External Power Supply

Operation time can be significantly increased with the help of external power supplies (e.g., Pulsar EPS3I, EPS5). When used in frosty weather, the power supply can be stored under the clothes.


The Apex thermal sights are equipped with a Video Out jack enabling real time video recording with the use of external recording equipment.

Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control allows basic operations to be fulfilled without resorting to standard controls.

Display Off

During short periods of inactivity and better concealment, Display Off powers down the display without interrupting other operating functions. Using Display Off means a much faster restart time when you need it most.

Wide range of operating temperatures

Ability to operate in normal mode at sub-zero temperatures is due to the use of a frost-resistant AMOLED 640x480 display featuring fast response and provides crisp image when observing dynamic object.


Apex LRF riflescopes are compatible with the following rifle mounts:

Weaver U Mount 

Weaver USQD Mount

Weaver LQD Mount

Weaver Mount

Weaver QD112 Mount

Weaver SQD MountSide Mount

CZ550 Mount

Los/ Dovetail Mount

MAK Adapter

Prism 14/200 Mount


EPS Batteries

External battery packs EPS3 and EPS5 are designed for the use with digital units, NV riflescopes and thermal imaging scopes. The battery packs features larger capacity as compared with AA type batteries and rechargeable batteries. The use of Battery Packs significantly – up to 5 times - increases self-contained operation of high-power digital NV devices.

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