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Thermal Imaging Scopes

Thermal imaging scopes: a powerful tool for nature observation.

If you’re looking for a thermal scope, you’ve come to the right place – Pulsar makes multiple thermal scopes for various needs of hunters, nature enthusiasts, and professionals.

What should you expect from them? 

Our range of thermal imaging scopes consists of the ultra-compact Axion models, the extremely powerful Helions, and super versatile Proton and Krypton thermal scopes. 

What you will find in each thermal scope by Pulsar is the impeccable quality of the device itself and the image it produces. We achieve this by using the best available components in the market – from sensors to objective lenses, batteries, and housing.

If you’re looking for a thermal imaging scope with extra functionality, you will be pleased to know we have a range of devices with built-in laser rangefinders for precise distance readings.

And whichever thermal scope you choose, you will get a built-in photo and video recorder, WiFi module, and the best possible image processing algorithms we’ve developed in-house. And you will also be able to rest assured that your thermal scope is fully waterproof.

If up until now you’ve been looking for an infrared scope, we’re inviting you to reconsider and choose a thermal vision scope instead. Our main reasoning? You can use a thermal optic scope 24/7, while an infrared scope, typically, will be only designed for nighttime use only. 

We also can’t help but notice that with a thermal night vision scope, you will be able to observe nature in almost any conditions. And we aren’t only talking about precipitation – our devices are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Meanwhile, the thermal sensors we use are sensitive enough to deliver a clear image even during rain, snow, or cold and foggy mornings – conditions that are typically very tough for a thermal image scope. 

Have a look at night vision thermal scopes by Pulsar and choose the one that suits your needs best.