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With thermal imager finding animals is much easier than with any other technology available. Selecting the right game out of many is also easier since now thermal imagers reached the level when the small details are clearly distinguishable.

Among numerous models and manufacturers on the market Pulsar devices stand out against the majority. Perfect image quality and reasonable pricing turned the brand into one of the leaders of hunting thermal imaging.

Not all hunters, however, wish to give up on their hunting habits and try new technology in action. The main factor here is bound to the troubles that accompany riflescope change. Finding and purchasing the right the mount, installing the riflescope and zeroing it requires some time and effort. Getting used to the new gear can also be difficult.

For the hunters who are reluctant to change their riflescopes Pulsar is making thermal imaging attachments Core. These small clip-on systems make a good upgrade and turn a day riflescope into a fully functional thermal imaging unit.



Model range includes two units CORE FXQ38 and CORE FXQ50. The units are based on 384x288 50hz thermal sensor with 17 µm pixel pitch. The attachments have different size (FXQ38 is 1cm shorter than FXQ50) and different magnification requirements for day sights – Core FXQ38 can be mounted on scopes with magnification up to 3x whereas Core FXQ50 can be used on riflescopes with magnification up to 5x. Both units come with an eyepiece that transforms them into fully functional handheld thermal imagers. As handhelds Core FXQ units have optic magnification 3,1(FXQ38) and 4,1(FXQ50) when the units are transformed into attachments they both have strict 1x magnification to avoid any deviation of POI. 

Pulsar offers three adaptors for day riflescope with different lens sizes – DN42, DN50 and DN56. However, the hunter is not limited by the Pulsar’s adaptors since the product is well known on the market.

AMOLED green monochrome screen with 640x480 resolution is frost resistant and can work without any artifacts up to -25 °C.  After putting CORE on the riflescope the hunter will see a green monochrome image which is quite unusual for thermal imagers, however it helps to reduce amount of light that comes through the riflescope from the Core’s screen. It serves two major purposes - reduces eye fatigue and since the green is not as bright as black&white eliminates exposure of the shooter’s face in the dark. 

Controlling the Core is easy: 4 control buttons are located on top of the unit but it can also be controlled with a small RC that can be placed in any convenient spot for quick access.



Core FXQ is powered with two CR123 batteries which provide 4-6 hours of continuous operation. When necessary instead of the batteries an external power adaptor can be used, in this case the attachment can be powered either with one of the Pulsar’s 12V external batteries EPS3/EPS5 or normal 5V powerbank. 

A number of settings in the main menu help to adjust the unit according to individual needs. The user can select calibration mode (automatic, semi-automatic or manual) or set observation mode (forest, rocks, identification). Detection range in the dark reaches staggering 1400m for FXQ38 or 1800m for FXQ50. Core FXQ38 and FXQ50 can become a great new upgrade for proved day riflescope of a hunter granting the capability to see all heat sources in complete darkness.