DIGEX: Digital Night Vision Riflescope

DIGEX: Digital Night Vision Riflescope

We are excited to announce DIGEX - our full featured digital night vision riflescope designed to match the shape of a classic day sight. The form factor of the Digex includes the lowest possible mounting point, flexible location on the rifle due to standart 30mm tube size.

HD-sensor. The highly sensitive 1280х720 HD CMOS sensor ensures that Digex delivers a high definition image with precise detail rendering.

Over 500m nighttime viewing range. Combination of best nighttime sensitivity in its class, HD resolution display and sensor, wide selection of brightness and contrast settings, quality fast optics, high magnification and a powerful built-in IR for a moonless night make the Digex a perfect tool for detecting such targets as a wild boar, deer or elk at distances ranging from 450 to 550 meters. 

Easy Mounting on a Rifle. The middle part of the Digex body is a 30 mm tube, standard for daylight optical sights. This form-factor enables the Digex to be flexibly mounted on various types of hunting weapons using proven solutions.

Dual Battery System. Digex riflescopes are powered with two rechargeable batteries: one built-in and the other replaceable located in the battery compartment. Upon discharge of the battery in the battery compartment, the riflescope switches automatically to the built-in battery. The replaceable battery can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds. Then the riflescope switches to the replaceable battery without intermediate shutdown.

All-Metal Housing. The metal housing of the riflescope is rugged and light at the same time. The antiwear coating will keep Digex’s decent external look for years of use.

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