Distribution in Germany

Distribution in Germany

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, UAB have re-arranged the distribution system from exclusive to non-exclusive. Two companies have been granted the non-exclusive distributorship rights for Pulsar trademark in the territory of Germany. Their powers become effective starting from the 12th of July 2019. The contact details of the companies: 

Bresser GmbH
Address: Gutenbergstr. 2,
DE-46414 Rhede, Deutschland
email: pulsar@bresser.de
Tel.: +49 2872 80 74 188,
Fax: +49 2872 80 74 588

HUPRA Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Address: Wolfener Str. 32-34, Haus I,
DE-12681 Berlin, Deutschland
email: hupra@aol.com
Tel. / Fax: +49 30 22468430

We expect that the new distribution system in the territory of Germany will help further strengthen the position of the Pulsar brand. According to the agreement, users of Pulsar products have the right to work and contact on any issues re. sales, after-sales and other questions to any of the distributor regardless of the fact from whom the unit was bought before.