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“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken” - Samuel Johnson said once. Everyone has his/her favorite smartphone, car, or another belonging one is heavily attached to. The habit of possessing something is so strong that switching to another object, even a similar one, may be stressful. The same goes for hunting: if you have a decent daylight sight and want to go hunting in the nighttime too, you will need extra funds - a proper night vision riflescope costs a lot. If your budget is limited, you may want to opt for a solution like Forward F night vision digital attachment by Pulsar. Modest investment will give you ample opportunities. Let´s take a glance at what this device offers to you.
The Forward F135/F155 is designed to rapidly convert your daylight optical sight into a night vision riflescope. Using an accessory adapter, the device smoothly mounts on your day sight and fixes securely using four-point quick bayonet mount with automatic clamp. This type of mounting guarantees the stable point of impact so you will not need to re-zero the attachment upon re-installation. The attachment is surprisingly compact and lightweight: only 135/155 mm long and half a kilo heavy. The Forward is also a long-lasting device – the supplied quick-detach, rechargeable IPS5 Battery Pack keeps the attachment alive for about 8 hours with Wi-Fi on. Higher-powered IPS10 battery packs also are available and provide a perfect off-the-grid power solution. Alternatively, you can power the unit with your regular 5V Power Bank. The attachment comes with a smart remote control, a perfect tool for hands-off operation. The three buttons and a controller wheel on the RC let you control all functions of the attachment without touching it. 
The Forward F135/F155 uses a 702x526 CMOS sensor featuring enhanced nighttime sensitivity. Even with little ambient light in the field of view, the unit will not require auxiliary illumination. In total darkness, the 940nm invisible IR illuminator helps you out. To increase detection range and to essentially improve image quality, attach optional IR Illuminator – powerful LED IR Ultra 850 or Laser IR Ultra AL-915. If you need further image settings, set up brightness and contrast in the quick menu.   

The solid design and durable materials the attachment employs allow you to mount it on a wide range of rifles with high caliber recoil resistance such as: 12 gauge., 9.3x64, .375H&H. It’s unlikely you will want to submerse the unit into water, although IPX7 degree of protection let you do this. But you may not bother using the unit in heavy rain, or if it´s accidentally dropped in a puddle. With the impressive wide range of operating temperature from -25 °C to +50 °C, you may enjoy hunting in the freezing cold of Alaska or in the burning hot of Central Africa.     
It’s a pleasure to have a front-row seat at hunt. However, it can be even more fun to share you hunting experience with your friends and fellow hunters. The Forward F135/F155 has something to offer. The attachment is equipped with an onboard video/photo recorder able to capture videos or pictures with a resolution of 640x480 pix. The large 16Gb internal memory is large enough to hold up to 300 min of video or up to 20 thousand pictures.
If you are reluctant to transmit images via PC, we have another option for you: Stream Vision, a branded software by Pulsar. Stream Vision connects your attachment with Android/iOS mobile unit (smartphone or tablet) which enables you to receive footage in the real time mode. The application also streams online the image captured by the device to YouTube. You can also share your hunting memories to various social media such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Viber or upload to Google Drive, iCloud etc. Finally, Stream Vision allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control: switch between operating modes and adjust settings of your attachment just by touching your smartphone’s screen.
If you are looking for a low-cost yet efficient solution for a variety of applications, Forward F is the right option. Well-balanced, feature-packed, precise, compact design – everything needed for a perfect “plug and shoot” solution is embodied in this digital night vision attachment.