New Axion from Pulsar

New Axion from Pulsar

An outdoor tour of any kind be it a hunting ride or a simple hiking trip requires a well prepared equipment to meet every possible occasion. A thermal imaging scope is an essential gear and has to be included in the minimal outdoor kit, especially if the trip is going to last overnight.

In 2019 Pulsar has shown a new thermal imaging scope AXION. With its new unit the company opens a line of compact thermal imaging monoculars for hunting and other fields of application. Compact and yet capable Axion offers a set of strong features that make the unit a serious player on the market. Engineers have managed to integrate all technological achievements characteristic to PULSAR units into a small and handy magnesium alloy housing. AXIONs come in two models Axion XM30 and Axion XM38 with 30 and 38mm objective lenses respectively.

AXION is designed on a new electronics platform that will be shared in the majority of new Pulsar products. New 12µm sensor with 320x240 pixel resolution is offering great image quality with exceptional contrast and detail. In combination with high grade germanium optics Axion ensures astonishing observation capabilities. Detection range of the XM38 reaches 1700m or 1850 yards for a man sized object in pitch black. Optic magnification of Axion is the highest in class of compact thermal imaging monoculars (4.1 for XM30 and 5.5 for XM38) and it can be enhanced even more by means of 4x digital zoom. One of the features of the new electronics platform is the use of new HD AMOLED microdisplay. With 1024x768 resolution it provides very clear and vivid image and works well even in freezing weather.

For Axions Pulsar has developed a new quick-change battery - APS3 which can power the unit for about 4 hours.  A small button below the objective lens releases the battery and pushes it out of the unit when it is time for change. The power can also be fed via Micro-USB cable from an ordinary powerbank. In general, new platform has a better optimized power control and consumption. The use of new electronics also allowed to reduce start-up time to less than 3 seconds.

The shape of the unit has been developed so that thermal imager can be placed in a palm of a hand or easily stored in a pocket of a jacket. It is small but controls are comfortable for one handed use. 4 Buttons are located on the top panel and fit right under the fingers. Power button has dark blue color rest of the buttons are black. Micro USB socket is on the Left side and battery release button is on the front panel. All control elements are easily accessible for left and right handed people.

Software is another strong side of all Pulsar products and AXION is not an exception in this sense. In terms of adjusting to user preferences AXION is very flexible. Observation modes setting helps to select optimal values of contrast and brightness depending on the situation in which the unit is used – dense forest, rocky terrain or foggy environment. Thermal picture can be shown in 8 different colors (White hot, Black hot, Red hot, Red Monochrome, Rainbow, Ultramarine, Violet, Sepia). Each of these colors is best for a certain purpose – White Hot and Black hot for detection, Rainbow and Ultramarine show better temperature differences of observed objects, Sepia and Violet reduce eye fatigue during long observation. Picture in Picture is a handy mode when zooming only a part of image is necessary. A stadiametric rangefinder is available in AXION as well. It serves to evaluate the distance to an object if the object’s height is already known.

As part of innovations of the new electronics platform a new video recorder is used now. It can record videos in MP4 format and take photos in JPEG. Built – in memory size is 16 GB which is quite enough for 10 hours of video or thousands of photos. Wi-Fi module supports operation with free Stream Vision application and allows streaming video directly to smartphone, downloading images and videos from the unit and updating its firmware.

The unit is completely waterproof (IPX7 class of protection) which means that even if dropped into a puddle for short time it will not be damaged. Heavy rain or snowfall is not an obstacle at all. Weighing less than 300 g and providing high optic magnification and decent operation time Axion XM is an extremely versatile unit.

For Pulsar AXION with 12µm microbolometer is a new step in development of thermal imaging units and a vector to the future. New electronics platform in AXION XM offers many advanced features and functions to all enthusiasts of wild nature and professionals whose job is connected with observation and detection. Taking into account that the price for the unit will be in the frames of the normal market level and technology will be high above the level AXION promises to become the bestseller. 

Available in your location from spring 2019.