New! Digital NV Rangefinding Riflescopes Digisight Ultra N450 / N455 LRF

New! Digital NV Rangefinding Riflescopes Digisight Ultra N450 / N455 LRF

In May 2020 Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide starts shipping new digital night vision riflescopes Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 / N455 LRF.

The riflescopes are based on well-known models Digisight Ultra N450 / N455. The main difference is built- in laser rangefinder that can provide readings up to 1 km distance. Rangefinder can work in single time measurement mode and in scanning mode with accuracy of ±1 meter.

HD CMOS array (1280x720 pixel) has high sensitivity in infrared waveband. In passive mode, without IR flashlight Digisight Ultra LRF works effectively in deep twilight and often at night. The Digisight Ultra N455 LRF comes with “invisible” infrared LED flashlight (940nm) which can be used without fear of being disclosed by animals (the N450 LRF model is equipped with the long-range 850 nm IR Illuminator).

The housing of the riflescope is made of magnesium alloy. Apart from shock and vibration protection that are necessary for using riflescope on high caliber rifles, the new metal housing is more resistant to direct temperature and chemical impacts. Metal conducts heat away from electronics better and thanks to that riflescope’s work becomes more stable and reliable.

Magnification ranges from 4.5x to 18x. Thanks to high sensor resolution even at maximum magnification the image has good quality. “Picture in Picture” function offers a way for highly precise aiming (zoomed image with reticle appears in the small window) with simultaneous control over the whole field of view 6,2° wide.

Digisight Ultra LRF records video clips with sound to internal memory and takes photos. It can connect to smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. Free Stream Vision app can stream live image from riflescope to smartphone’s screen, start or stop video recording, control image settings, set magnification, control IR flashlight, stream to Youtube and update firmware of the riflescope.

Excellent autonomous power supply, waterproofness (riflescope be fully submerged in water), more than 10 various reticles including scaled ones, 5 zeroing profiles – these and other functions are well-known to our customers and do not require additional presentation.