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PULSAR distributor sales meeting

PULSAR distributor sales meeting

We just came back from SHOT Show in Las Vegas to our headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, to hold an annual distributor network meeting for European and American regions. Distributors and sales partners from over 20 countries came to explore the newest high-technology based equipment: thermal imaging scopes Pulsar Axion and thermal riflescopes Pulsar Thermion. Field testing was, of course, the most exciting part of the event!

Developing a regional, national and international distributor network is essential for manufacturers and solution providers. It’s especially important for Pulsar products that require referrals, brand awareness and technological knowledge.

This year our absolute innovations are Pulsar’s new compact metal pocket size thermal imaging monocular Axion together with Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescopes delivering the premium thermal imaging on a traditional-style aircraft-grade 30mm-tube. These novelties were just officially introduced two weeks ago in Las Vegas and are very well accepted and expected in all countries of meeting participants. All teams are now working together to bring the best customer experience from introduction to every delivery and support for Pulsar products.

The event program helped us to understand the needs of our clients and distributors, to share best practices of top performers and introduce new distributors into the network. We are looking forward to sharing this knowledge and experience with the rest of the globe, as the whole Pulsar distributors network is extended to far more than 70 countries by now.