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User Mode comes to Thermion XM and Axion XM: Firmware update 4.0

User Mode comes to Thermion XM and Axion XM: Firmware update 4.0

Firmware 4.0: New observation mode and image quality improvements

Similar to latest update for XP product line we are also updating our XM devices to enhance your Pulsar experience.

User mode – the purpose of different observation modes is to offer most suitable settings depending on the nature conditions. With Firmware 4.0 we bring a fourth option the User mode. This development will be most enjoyed by advanced users who like to have more control on the setup of their device. The new observation mode allows you to select and save your personal preferences based on pre-existing observation modes (Rocks, Forest, Identification), contrast and brightness settings. You can tweak each of the three settings to suit your conditions the most and once it is saved, the settings will remain as set even after switching back from other observation modes or turning the device off. You can modify the user mode through easy selection of settings in the quick menu.

Enhancement of image quality and video recording quality – video processing algorithms were optimized to achieve image with greater contrast, eliminate flickering and reduce noise.

New colour options for reticles – For thermal riflescope Thermion XM new colour combination options have been added: a black reticle with white dot and a white reticle with black dot.

Icon brightness settings – the range for the brightness of icons you see in the menu was increased, this allows to dim down the brightness even more, for comfortable viewing in conditions of really dark night and increase it for those really bright days.

This firmware updated is only available for XM series products:

Firmware comes together with a number of minor bug fixes and performance enhancing changes.

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