With Stream Vision and firmware updates your Pulsar device is always new!

With Stream Vision and firmware updates your Pulsar device is always new!

To give you the best experience, we are constantly improving our devices by developing new firmware with additional features and performance enhancements.

These updates are available via the Stream Vision application that connects the device and installs the newest firmware.

Firmware updates add new features to the devices, fix technical bugs and implement technical novelties.

It may add visible improvements as newest image processing algorithms to assure perfect vision, updated detection modes, new reticles or color modes.

Behind the scenes updates as optimized processor performance, increased battery life or connectivity fixes can also be included.

Through constant firmware updates Pulsar ensures you will always have the latest features and newest technological developments in the field of night and thermal vision.

One of the latest updates is a great example of that is latest update for Accolade, Helion and Trail product series.

As a result of research and testing, the company has successfully implemented the support of the enhanced Gain mode, which significantly increases the ability to detect, recognize and identify objects in conditions of low temperature differences.

We would like to thank our fans for their input! Due to numerous requests from users of PULSAR products, the new algorithms are now implemented in the company's current product line with the release of software update.


Optimization of gain enhancement algorithms will allow to achieve an increase in sensor performance while reducing power consumption of the device.

The changes will be visible in the following observation modes: Identification, Forest, Rocks.

To assure your device is always up to date make sure to regularly check your StreamVision® app or visit the support website here.