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For many hunters, an AR-15 rifle is irreplaceable. Hunters love them for their versatility, accuracy, and the opportunity to easily disassemble them. But of course, no rifle is complete without a quality scope. And if you’re aiming to shoot at the darkest hour (pardon the pun), you will need a night vision one. And here at Pulsar, we can offer you an amazing quality night vision scope for AR rifles. 

Please meet the Pulsar Digex C50. The day and night vision scope is loved by hunters for the same reason they love an AR rifle – it is versatile, accurate, and easy to use. One of our brand ambassadors from Sweden notes that it is especially useful for those who hunt smaller animals or those that are difficult to approach from a closer distance. Here’s the first reason why the Digex is a perfect night vision scope for AR rifles. 

Many hunters say AR rifles are particularly great for animals that move fast and are otherwise hard to get. And Digex is great for them, too, because of its great image quality and cutting edge software that allows you to spot, identify, and target an animal even if it’s on the move, thanks to the fact that we’ve managed to avoid the white out effect. Plus, it has over 500 meters (546 yards) of night viewing range, making it a perfect tool to spot those hard to get animals.

We believe that accuracy is important when it comes to ethical hunting, too – because each self-respecting hunter wants to be 100% sure they are aiming at the right animal, and they want the first shot to be enough. One more point to Digex as a great night vision scope for AR rifles.

From the first time our brand ambassadors got to try the Digex, they told us they fell in love with it. The main reason for it is, of course, the impeccable image quality and the possibility to use it 24/7. In fact, it even allows you to extend the day. Digex has a unique Twilight mode which we created for use after the sunset but before the complete darkness hits. At this time of day, our own eyes are barely able to distinguish colors – everything looks kind of grayish to us. But Digex still displays a full-color image. And not just any image – an incredible one, per our ambassador’s words. 

If you are into numbers, Digex has some pretty impressive ones. First is the battery life – you can get up to 10 hours of it on a single charge. Plus, it has two batteries, one of which is replaceable, meaning you can always have some extra time if you need. 

It is also IPX7 waterproof rated, meaning no precipitation is going to stop the scope from running smoothly. Actually, you could even submerge it into water for some time, and still enjoy perfect operation.

So, if you’re still looking for a night vision scope for AR rifles, look no further than Pulsar Digex C50. Find your local distributor and contact them today!