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Software & Applications

Aplicación móvil Stream Vision desarrollada para cazadores, tiradores deportivos profesionales, organizaciones forestales y de conservación, profesionales de seguridad, equipos de rescate de vida y entusiastas de actividades al aire libre.

New digital technologies invade, enhance and raise standards in every aspect and sphere of our lives. Today, with literally billions of people in every corner of the globe engaged in constant virtual contact with each other, developing cross-platform devices is more important than ever. Like a smartphone, once simply a means of verbal and text communications but now a multi-purpose, multi-tasking instrument for business and social relations, Pulsar’s innovative line of night vision and thermal optics deliver valuable work and entertainment information.
Pulsar continues to develop feature-rich devices focused on high-resolution image quality, ergonomics and world-class reliability. We understand that now, more than ever, ease of interface and multi-vector use are equally important. Stream Vision solves this task by providing a symbiosis of software and hardware platforms designed to connect personal Android and iOS devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc. to Pulsar thermal imaging and digital night vision devices via Wi-Fi.