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1. Is it possible to mount AXION XQ LRF on a rifle?

AXION is a purely handheld device and cannot be mounted on a rifle. 

2. My image is blurry or is out of focus.

Please make sure you have done the following adjustments:

  • First of all, adjust the diopter adjustment on the eyepiece to see clearly the icons on the display and in the status bar. Secondly, adjust the lens focus to see clearly the object of observation. Please note that re-focusing may be required as distance to the object changes.
  • Do the image calibration – either in the manual mode (with lens cover closed) or in the automatic mode.
  • Select the most suitable observation mode – “Forest”, “Rocks” or “Identification” depending on specific observation conditions.
  • Go through different color palletes.
  • Manually adjust display contrast and brightness. We recommend keeping those two values close to each other. A huge difference between them badly affects the image quality. 
  • Try turning Image Detail Boost ON and OFF. Biggest benefit of this feature can be enjoyed in a scenery with high contrast and at shorter distances.

3. My image freezes from time to time. Is it a defect?

In the course of the calibration process the image freezes on the screen – it is normal and is not a defect.

Default calibration mode is “Automatic” (software decides when calibration is necessary) but

you can change it to “Manual” mode in the "Main menu" => "Calibration mode".

To calibrate the riflescope when you need to based on actual image quality.

Please close the lens cover prior to manual calibration. We recommend using automatic mode all the time.

Please read more about calibration in the user manual for your thermal device.

4. I can see ghost image / residual artefacts of the previous image. What is wrong?

You are using the manual calibration mode without closing the lens cover.

Please make sure the lens cover is closed during calibration or switch to the automatic calibration mode if you do not want to close the cover.

5. I can hear a clicking sound during calibration. Can I turn it off?

No, a clicking sound is normal in the automatic and in the semiautomatic calibration mode.

You may switch to the manual calibration mode to avoid the sound. Remember to close the lens cover to make sure no ghost images appear on the display.

6. Why do I need to calibrate the image?

Calibration levels the background temperature of the microbolometer and eliminates image flaws

(such as vertical stripes, ghost images of previous objects etc.). Intervals between calibrations depend

on operating time: the longer a thermal imager operates nonstop, the less frequently calibration is required.

7. There are defective pixels (or pixel clusters) on the screen of my thermal imaging device.

Please note that a certain amount of non-functional pixels (max 0.5% of total quantity) is allowed by the sensor producer and is not considered a defect. You may try repairing such pixels using the respective menu item of your thermal imager. Here you can watch sample video instructions.

Activate the pixel repair option in device`s menu. You will be redirected to healing window with picture in picture (PiP) mode and healing cross (for older type of devices PiP might not appear). Operate with navigation buttons to move the cross in to the bad pixel’s coordinates.

Dead pixel disappears when healing cross is in the correct position.

Press the healing button (according to device´s user manual) and check for “OK” message on display.

Please read more in the user manual.

8. Can I use AXION XQ LRF with eye glasses?

Axion features an ultra compact yet feature-rich design which implies certain compromises
in terms of selected technical specifications.
We recommend that glass wearers fold back the edge of the elastic eye shade to allow a certain increase
of the field of view (please see a picture enclosed).
Please note that AXION features +/-5 diopter adjustment which allows using the monoculars without eye glasses thus allowing enjoy the entire field of view.

9. How do I switch color palettes? 

To switch between color palettes, please proceed to the menu and select menu item "Color palettes".

Please refer to the user manual for details.

10. How do I switch to "White Hot" color palette? 

To switch to "White Hot" from an alternative color mode, please press and hold down the UP button.

Please refer to the user manual for details.

11. AXION XQ LRF does not feature WiFi. How do I update the firmware?

We are not planning firmware updates via WiFi in the near future as the device was recently released.

An update via USB would be possible if needed. 

12. My AXION XQ LRF is not measuring distance correctly.

Please take note of the following:

  • Accuracy of measurement and maximum range depend on the reflection ratio of the target surface, the angle at which the emitting beam falls on the target surface and environmental conditions. Reflectivity is also affected by surface texture, color, size and the shape of the target. A shiny or brightly colored surface is normally more reflective than a dark surface.
  • Measuring range to a small sized target is more difficult than to a large target. Accuracy of the measurement can also be affected by light conditions, fog, haze, rain, snow etc. Ranging performance can degrade in bright conditions or when ranging towards the sun.
  • When measuring range to a small-sized target located more that 400 meters away, it is recommended that you use a tripod or at least put your elbow against a solid surface. This is due to possible hand tremors and difficulty hitting the target with the beam at a longer distance.

13. Does the rangefinder use a safe laser?

All of our products, including AXION XQ LRF, feature 1 Class Safety (standard IEC60825-1:2014) laser
which means it's harmless to the eyes. Nevertheless please avoid looking directly at the emitting lens of the rangefinder.