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1. What warranty conditions apply to your products?

We guarantee our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years

from the date of purchase. 

The warranty period for rechargeable batteries (supplied with the device or bought separately) is one year. 

If no purchase receipt is available and the warranty card is not filled in,

warranty starts from the manufacturing date plus six months. 

More information about the warranty is available here.

2. Is the warranty transferrable?

Warranty transferability may be subject to national legislation.

Please contact your national distributor for information.

3. How do I make sure that my product is original?

Purchasing from our official distributors and their authorised dealers guarantees that you are buying an original Pulsar product.

Should you have any concerns, please send the serial number of your device to 

You can find a 7-9 digit serial number on the housing and/or in the menu option "Device information" of your device.

4. Do I need to register my device to have a warranty?

You don’t need to register. When buying from an official Pulsar distributor or their dealer, you will receive a warranty card along with it.

The warranty starts from the date of the first purchase. Also please keep your payment receipt.

US customers are requested to click on this link for optional product registration. 

5. My warranty card was not filled in by the seller or got lost. Do I still have a warranty?

Please make sure you have a proof of purchase. Contact your national distributor for warranty information.

6. Do your products have an international warranty?

No. Most of our products (such as digital and thermal riflescopes and front-end attachments) comply with export control regulations,

therefore warranty is valid only in the country where a product was bought. 

7. Is the warranty extended for the period my device is being repaired? 

Yes, repair time is excluded from the total warranty period of your device.