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Night vision scope adapters are essential to everyone looking to install a night vision attachment to their daytime optics. To describe them in short, night vision scope adapters are specially designed units that stay on your daytime device in order to allow a quick and easy mount of the attachment.

Typically, night vision scope adapters come in various sizes. For night vision attachments, we make three different diameters at Pulsar – 42, 50, and 56 mm. The size choice depends on the diameter of the optics you are looking to mount the adapter on. Just to be clear, the numbers represent the diameter of the lens.

Each device also comes with multiple-size insert rings. You will choose the right one based on the outer diameter of the objective’s housing.

Now, what are the perks of the night vision scope adapters by Pulsar? Well, first of all, they are tailor-made for our devices, meaning you will get the highest possible convenience from them. Another great advantage is the ease of use – the initial mounting may take a few minutes, but once you get past that, the adapter stays on your riflescope, allowing you to attach (or detach) your night vision scope in seconds. 

Night vision scope adapters from Pulsar also come with a protective cover. This means that, during the day, when you are not using the night vision device, the cover protects your rifle scope from dust and other possible damage. 

Of course, if you are looking for a night vision scope adapter, you need to get the scope first. If you are looking at night vision, the Pulsar Forward F455S is the way to go. Thanks to its powerful electronic components, modern signal-processing algorithms, and continuously updateable software, it features some of the best nighttime sensitivity in its class.

The uses of Forward F455S are almost endless – you could use it for almost any type of hunt. Provided, of course, that night vision is allowed in your hunting area. Our ambassadors say they find Forward F455S the most useful for hunting wild boar in the woods, as the device offers over 500 meters of nighttime viewing range, providing plenty of opportunities to spot an animal. 

Before getting a night vision device, hunters sometimes worry if they will be able to preserve their shooting style. It is surely a fair point – if you get a night vision riflescope, you will surely need some time to adjust to it. However, it is much easier with an attachment. Since it mounts on your scope, you are able to keep all the gear you love, enjoy the conventional shape of the reticle, continuous zoom, and others. Plus, our hunters tell us they feel a longer eye relief when they use a night vision attachment rather than a riflescope. 

Thanks to the advanced and meticulously tested design of both the device and the adapter, with Forward F455S you will have guaranteed point of impact stability and precise target acquisition without making complex adjustments.

So, are you ready to enter the world of digital night vision? Find your local distributor today and get ready to make some unforgettable memories.