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Axion 2
Axion 2

Table of contents

External Power Supply

Power can be supplied from an external source such as a 5 V or 9 V power bank.

  1. Connect the external power source to the USB Type-C connector (9) on the device.
  2. The device will switch to draw power from the external source while the АPS5 battery is gradually recharged.
  3. A battery icon  will appear on the display showing the percentage-charged level.
  4. An icon  will be displayed when the device is powered by an external power source and the АPS5 battery is not connected.
  5. The device automatically switches to the APS 5 battery when the external power supply is disconnected.

Attention! Charging APS 5 batteries from an external source at temperatures below 0°C (<32°F) can reduce battery life. When using external power, connect the power bank to the device only after it has been turned on and working (warming) for at least several minutes.