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Axion F
Axion F

Table of contents

USB Connection


  1. Connect one end of the USB cable to the Micro-USB (9) port of your device and the other end to the USB port of your PC / laptop.
  2. Turn the device on with a short press of the ON/OFF (5) button (a device that has been turned off cannot be detected by your computer).
  3. Your device will be detected by the computer automatically; no drivers need to be installed.
  4. Two connection modes will appear on the display: Power and Memory Card (external storage device).
  5. Select the connection mode with the UP (4)/DOWN (2) buttons.
  6. Confirm the selection with a short press of the MENU (3) button.


  • In this mode, a PC/laptop is used as an external power supply. The status bar shows the icon . The device continues operating and all functions are available.
  • The Battery Pack installed in the device is not being charged.
  • When the USB is disconnected from the device when in the Power mode, the device keeps operating with the Battery Pack if it is available and sufficiently charged.

Memory Card

  • In this mode the device is detected by the computer as a flash card. This mode is designed for work with the files saved in the device's memory. The device's functions are not available in this mode; the device turns off automatically.
  • If video recording was in progress when the connection was made, recording stops and the video is saved.
  • If the device is in Memory Card mode and is disconnected from USB, the device will remain on.