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Digex C50
Digex C50

Table of contents

Mounting on the Rifle

To ensure accurate shooting the Digex С50 riflescope should be properly mounted on the rifle.

  • The riflescope is fixed using the mount, which is purchased separately. Use only high-quality mounts and rings that are designed specifically for your rifle. Follow the mounting manufacturer's recommendations on the installation procedure and use the proper tool.
  • When mounting the riflescope, adjust the position on the rifle so that proper (comfortable) holding of rifle ensures the distance between the riflescope and eye (eye relief) specified by the Technical Specifications. Failure to comply with this recommendation may result in injury to the shooter by the parts of the riflescope eyepiece when shooting.
  • It is recommended to install the riflescope as low as possible, at the same time it should not be in contact with barrel or receiver.
  • In order to avoid pinching the riflescope body, a tightening torque for the screws of the mounting rings must be not more than 2.5 Nm (22.1 Pound-force inches). A torque wrench is recommended to control the tightening torque.
  • Before using the riflescope when hunting, follow instructions in the Zeroing section.
  • Use of a removable eyecup is recommended (1) to eliminate backlight from the display.
  • It is recommended to use an eyecup while using the riflescope to increase camouflage and avoid detection. Mounting the eyecup on the riflescope eyepiece is carried out using built-in magnets.