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Digex C50
Digex C50

Table of contents

Powering on and Image Settings

  1. Open the lens cap (13).
  2. Press the ON/OFF (3) button briefly to power the riflescope on.
  3. Adjust the sharpness of the symbols on the display by rotating the dioptre adjustment ring of the eyepiece (2).
  4. Turn the aperture adjustment ring (12) to select the observation mode (Day -  , Night - ).
  5. Select the image mode (colour/black-and-white) by short pressing the ON/OFF (3) button.
  6. Rotate the lens focus ring (11) to focus on the object being observed.
  7. Activate the quick menu by briefly pressing the controller button (6) to adjust the brightness and contrast of the display (see the Quick Menu Functions section for details).
  8. Repeatedly press the ZOOM (5) button to change the magnification ratio of the riflescope. While the magnifying glass icon  is visible on the screen, rotate the controller (6) for smooth digital zooming from the current magnification.
  9. Turn on the IR illuminator* and adjust the lighting power according to its operating instructions to improve the quality of observation in low light conditions.
  10. Power the device off with a long press of the ON/OFF (3) button.

* Purchased separately for models without an IR illuminator.