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Digex S IR illuminator
Digex S IR illuminator

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Pulsar Digex S attachable infrared Illuminators are designed for use with Digex digital riflescopes.

Infrared illuminators provide additional illumination of observed objects when using digital night vision devices in low light conditions (no moon, heavy cloud cover, etc.) or in complete darkness.

The special design of the illuminator helps to provide a clear and clean image across the entire field of view.

The Digex - X940S IR illuminator operates in an invisible range providing covert observation.

Using Pulsar Digex S IR illuminators you can:

  • identify the observed object more accurately;
  • see the selected object in detail;
  • increase the observation range;
  • adjust the spot position within the riflescope field of view.

Pulsar Digex S illuminators have a high-power IR diode providing a greater viewing range.