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Digex S IR illuminator
Digex S IR illuminator

Table of contents

Installing the IR Illuminator on Riflescope

  1. Open the mount ring (4) of the IR illuminator.
  2. Raise the eccentric lever (5) and put the mount on the riflescope body so that the mount half rings encircle the riflescope body.
  3. Align the eccentric axis (6) with the groove (10) of the moving half ring.
  4. Lock the eccentric lever (5) position by lowering it down.
  5. The mount with the IR illuminator should be located as close as possible to the body of the riflescope lens.
  6. In case of loosening or insufficient fixing of the IR-illuminator on the riflescope, raise the eccentric lever (5). Tighten the eccentric axis (6) 1-2 turns using the supplied Allen key. Then lower the lever and check the fixation of the IR-illuminator on the riflescope. If necessary, repeat the above steps until the required degree of fixation of the IR-illuminator is achieved.